About Me

Collingswood-based sales professional Michael Raymond Stankus has cultivated a diverse and substantial career path. Born in Media, PA, his journey started from developing an interest in music to engineering technology education, a career in sales, and a passion for hobbies. Each aspect of his life demonstrates a profound professionalism and passion for what he does.


Born and raised in Media, PA, Michael Raymond spent his formative years engaging in various activities that shaped him into who he is today. His education journey took him to the University of Delaware, where he studied Engineering Technology from 1995 to 2000. This phase of his life also saw him taking on the role of a bass player with a local band, The Healthy Doses. His love for music was rooted in 9th grade when his friend's band needed a bass player. Rather than strumming chords on a six-string guitar, he plunged himself into the depth of electric bass playing, and since then, he has loved to see how an interested audience syncs with the music he helps to create.


He has displayed an unwavering commitment to his professional growth. His initial years of work were marked by diversity as he got to experience different roles at various organizations, from spending a summer at Lake Powell to working at a custom fabrication shop on the outskirts of Philadelphia. However, a natural calling for sales came to him in 2003 when he started working for Hoshino USA in Bensalem, PA. At first, he worked in quality control, where he learned how to correctly set up and repair electric guitars and basses. Then later, he took a position in inside sales, where he learned the soft skills of telesales.

Michael Raymond Stankus's professional journey took a significant turn in 2011 when he joined MRP as an account executive, honing his sales skills and demonstrating his unwavering professionalism. His dedication and hard work earned him the title of 'Account Executive of the Month' in June and October 2015. Later, he took on a Sales Enablement role where he played a critical role in managing Cisco's extensive partner lead program with 300+ partners nationally.

In 2022, he joined eLocal's new Sales Development team. Despite the professional changes, his commitment remained unwavering, and his professionalism continued to shine.


Outside of a rigorous professional life, he has maintained a vibrant personal life, indulging in hobbies like motorcycling, guitar repair, kite flying, bicycling, and video games.

Music has remained a significant part of his life. Michael Stankus's foray into live music began during college with his band The Healthy Doses and developed further with bands Natural Selection and Jah People. Performing shows all over Philadelphia the Jersey Shore, and branching out to DC and NYC, he cherishes his connection with his audience when he plays bass.

He has not allowed his passion for hobbies to overshadow his commitment to family. He met his future wife, Rachel, at a Flaming Lips concert in Philadelphia, and they have been inseparable ever since. By 2015, they had moved to Collingswood, NJ, with their daughter Cecilia for better educational opportunities. Their family expanded again in 2020 with the birth of their son, Sammy.


Michael Raymond Stankus's commendable sense of community service and altruism has been a part of his life since his formative days in Boy Scouts and Civil Air Patrol. This upbringing became evident in his participation in MLK Day in 2019. He joined his company's community service day and cleaned up a neighborhood in Philadelphia's Kensington area, again demonstrating the professionalism he always maintains.


Michael Raymond Stankus